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Patric Stone

I was a bit wary of subscribing at first so plumped for a month's subscription to see how it works. I was so impressed with the quality, I bought my son a subscription for Christmas and he has since got rid of his Virgin Media contract. This service is so easy to renew or extend just using their website and the confirmation emails are always politely written. I have not had reason to contact the support desk but I am sure they would resolve issues in a timely manner. I would recommend this service to anyone and I am sure that I will be a happy customer of theirs for many years to come.

Hugo James

I had an issue on my end of the setup and it was sorted with 2 emails in less than an hour. I wish the other IPTV Service Providers were this efficient. Keep up the good work. Top-notch value and entertainment.

Stefanie Rashford

I am not as a tech-minded person but they were very helpful to me setting up my mag box. Customer care is very very good, can’t praise them enough 5 stars service all the way. I will recommend them to all my friends and family.


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Duncan Richelle

Exemplary Customer Service: I can’t praise the guys enough as when I needed support to set up my STB Emulator to watch their service they were there every step of the way. Brilliant The channel selection and quality is perfect as well.

Edmund Salome

Unbelievable how fast the Team solves the problems. A mail with the problem raised and after five minutes settled. A real Team of Professionals. Once again, thanks

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